Strange Flatmates, Tallinn Architecture Biennale Competition | 2018

I collaborated with Casey Rehm and Yasushi Ishida on the project Strange Flatmates: New Residents for the Primitive Hut for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale. Our proposal, involving AI-controlled robotic wood fabrication, moss, and spiders, made the shortlist of finalists for the 2018 competition.

North Atlantic Server Farm | 2010

The North Atlantic Server Farm (NASF) was a speculative proposal for a free-floating array of autonomously swimming, wave-powered and seawater-cooled server units, linked together at hubs with undersea cable connections, and constantly growing as new units would be deployed and swim until finding a point to attach. As the network scales, the reflectivity of its white surfaces could begin to offset the reduced albedo of Earth from the melting of polar ice.

Glass Cloud | 2009

The Glass Cloud was a project from my Master’s research at Columbia, done with Francois Roche and Marc Fornes. Recycled glass is melted down and formed into shapes inspired by the spicules that make up the skeletons of glass sponges, then a robotic crane system places the spicules according to aggregative growth rules into a constantly-growing structure.

Other work from my Master’s research, conducted with Roland Snooks, included building simulation models of swarming and flocking systems, and 3D models to generate structures based on collective behavior in coral growth.