Glass Cloud

Glass Cloud

The Glass Cloud (2009) was a speculative proposal for a continuously growing habitable structure, built by a series of autonomous robots melting down recycled glass, then fusing this material back together to create a structurally stable, although unpredictable aggregation of components, inspired by the spicules that form a skeletal matrix in many sea sponges, especially the glass sponge.

North Atlantic Server Farm

The North Atlantic Server Farm (NSAF) was a speculative proposal for a free-floating archipelago of autonomous robotic swimming, wave-powered, and seawater-cooled server units, linked together at hubs with undersea cable connections. The network would be constantly growing to keep up with computing needs, and as it scales, the reflectivity of its white surfaces could begin to offset the reduced albedo of Earth from the melting of polar sea ice. Developed as Lutz/Koltick in collaboration with Nicole Koltick, and presented at the symposium INPUT-OUTPUT: Adaptive Materials and Mediated Environments at Temple University in 2010.

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